Our camp ground is located a 20 minute drive down a dirt road, suitable for most cars.   During monsoon season, July and August,  we might suggest you park in our commercial parking lot.   This is located at the intersection of Highways 180 and 64.  Someone will pick you up and shuttle you and your luggage out to the site. It is best to plan to arrive before dark and take advantage of the sunset.  Check-in starts at 5 pm, so please let us know when to expect you! The nightly low temperature during the summer months is 53 F.   Be aware that once the sun comes up, the desert heats up fast.  You should plan to head to the National Park first thing. Breakfast is served starting at 6:30 am. 

What to expect

dinner options

Dinner is served alfresco on our Long Table.  The cost is $19 a person and includes either homemade chili with cornbread or our nightly special.   We need to know ahead of time if you'll be joining us so please let us know